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Our Journey



That Extra Step was created to enable a sense of Community, and make it accessible to everyone.


For us, a sense of community is a feeling of belonging, and to know you have friends, people & a support system when you need them. 

We wanted to combat rising Urban Isolation in India, and we wanted to focus on the solution - enabling friendships, and meaningful bonds between people.

Our spaces are fun but transformational, safe, light-hearted, and for the young-at-heart.

We started off with offline gatherings, which have been on a temporary pause.

The TES Social Club was created in July 2020 and is a one of its kind, online space where our members from across the country hangout and do things together virtually.

We find that real connections are being made at our experiences, and we have the privilege of watching strangers become friends. 

All of our experiences are centered around the idea of good, clean, fun!

Our Vision​ is to create a sense of belonging by building a community that enables fun and transformative experiences.

The Community - Experiences & Gatherings

The Community

That Extra Step was started by 3 people  -

our story began with us tossing a Frisbee in a park together.


Our Offline gatherings began in 2018.

 We hosted Socials - meeting new people & making new friends, creating new bonds!

Our gatherings revolved around music, movies, games but are mainly focused on Socialising.


The Social Club began in July 2020, and is a virtual space where we host gatherings that are exclusive to members of the Club.

We host listening sessions, comfort movie watching, freewheeling conversation spaces, and interest-area focused gatherings.


A residency exclusively for members of the TES Social Club that enables creative thinking, curiosity, exploration, a sense of adventure and most importantly - you have friends along for the journey!

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